K9 Sport Sack Wholesale

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K9 Sport Sack Wholesale

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Our Story

It all started when we wanted to take Daisy on a bike ride. We searched, bought and threw away countless “popular” pet carriers that existed on the market. They simply didn’t fit Daisy or our lifestyle. Through the first several trials she variously wiggled out or got motion sick (rear facing carrier), whined and scratched at the sides (fully enclosed backpack carrier) threw off our balance (side sling) or got needlessly jostled around by my knees (front carrier). Frustrated, we designed the K9 Sport Sack™.

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Designed for safety and comfort

We wanted it to be everything other carriers were not; hands free, easy to use, balanced, interactive, comfortable and most important, safe.  We created the first version on our home sewing machine and it immediately gained tons of attention on the trail,  the road, the store and everywhere else we went.  After hearing countless times, “where did you get that?!” we decided to share our awesome adventures with others who were sick leaving their best friends at home.  

The K9 Sport Sack™ is now the world’s best backpack dog carrier and our goal of bringing humans and their pets closer together drives us to keep making the K9 Sport Sack™ the highest quality, most comfortable carrier on the planet.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing the joy that this product has brought to our customers and their humans all over the world. 

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