Order Instruction & Policy - K9 Sport Sack Wholesale

Order Instruction & Policy

Thank you for your interest in our products and brand. We look forward to a relationship benefitting your retail store and its customers with K9 Sport Sack products. You are more than welcome to sell our products on your own website and, of course, in your stores. We ask that you be respectful to the following conditions:


  • Please do not sell our products on Amazon, eBay, or any other large third-party online marketplaces.
  • Adhere to our MAP (minimum advertised pricing) policy.

Wholesale Registration Form

Using your Wholesale Account

Once you have submitted your registration form and have an associated email and password, you can login to your wholesale account anytime. Inventory on our wholesale website is real-time, so whatever your order will ship immediately. If an item is temporarily out-of-stock, you won't be able to add it to your shopping cart.


Shipping cost is calculated and added to your order based on the weight and distance shipped from our warehouse in Orem, Utah USA. We ship our products all over the world.

Drop Shipping

If you are interested in drop shipping, or if you ever need to ship one of our products directly to a customer’s address, simply change the shipping information to your customer's address when you login to place the order. Please make sure you charge your customer enough for shipping to make it worth it to you. Generally, a single item costs between $7.95-$15 to ship within the USA and $25-$35 for international. Your drop ship customers outside the US are also responsible for any additional import taxes or fees that may be required.

Add your Store to our Site

If you have a physical storefront, we will have your store added to the store locator on K9SportSack.com indicating that you are an authorized dealer of the K9 Sport Sack brand. This will help drive local business to your store.


Any questions regarding wholesale account registration and ordering can be directed to Josh at wholesale@k9sportsack.com.